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icontalent's Journal

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A Place For Gifted Icon Artists
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Go ahead-- show off! Make us all jealous! Display your wonderful use of color and graphics within each 100 by 100 pixel squares.

// A few rules to follow //
[x]Keep nice. Don't harrass eachother or steal icons.
[x]Follow the rules posted by the user concerning their icons.
[x]Don't hotlink. Just don't.
[x]Requests are fine.
[x]Don't post too many icons as a preview. Keep it to a maximum of 3 icons.
[x]Place any nudity or offensive content in a cut with a warning.
[x]Please don't advertise.


Helpful Resources
Just a few places that might help you out.

cap_it memories
Getty Images
Free Images
dtissagirl's icon-making guide

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